Diseases, Fibromyalgia (English)

A Narrative Review of the Role of Nutrient Supplementation in the Management of Chronic Pain in Fibromyalgia.

The multifaceted clinical portrayal of fibromyalgia (FM) lends support to the modern perception of the disease as a more global condition than one that only affects pain sensation.
Anti-epileptics and anti-depressants are the most commonly used pharmacologic treatments in clinical practice.
Exercise, myofascial release, psychotherapy, and nutrient supplementation are also conservative treatment options.

Narrative review.

Numerous deficiencies have been related to FM, so nutrient supplementation is a widely researched treatment option.
Furthermore, studies looking into probiotics as a potential cure for chronic pain syndromes have been prompted by a proposed association between gut microbiome patterns and chronic pain syndromes.
Despite the promising findings, much of the available literature on this subject is of low quality, with a variety of research designs, small sample sizes, and no control groups.

FM has a complex etiology that has been shown to be multi-factorial, with genetics and environmental exposures both playing a role in its growth.
While preliminary findings are encouraging, much of the current literature on diet supplementation is of low quality.
More thorough research is required to fully understand the potential of this alternative therapeutic choice.

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