Diseases, Fibromyalgia (English)

In the therapy of fibromyalgia, physical exercise is beneficial.

The importance of adapted physical activity (APA) combined with patient education is highlighted in international clinical guidelines for fibromyalgia (FM).
With a biopsychosocial view of recovery, cognitive and behavioral therapy, as well as an interdisciplinary approach, may be proposed for more complicated or serious clinical conditions.
A clinician may use clear and validated tools for assessing physical activity to personalize the rehabilitation’s clinical strategy, which would highlight levels of physical conditioning, which vary from low to very low in FM patients.

Several systematic studies and meta-analyses have found clear evidence that controlled aerobic and resistance training programs minimize pain intensity and enhance female FM subjects’ physical and psychological functioning.
These therapeutic approaches tend to be safe and cost-effective, and more randomized controlled trials involving male FM patients and adolescents should be conducted.

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