Fibromyalgia, I forgot the words I was going to say, I forgot what I was going to do, I forgot where I was going…

Fibro Fog in Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Brain fog (also called fibro fog or cognitive dysfunction) is one of the most common complaints of people with fibromyalgia (FM) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) . such an impact on their lives as pain or fatigue. In fact, some people say brain fog is their most debilitating physical symptom. What causes brain fog? We still don’t know exactly what causes cognitive dysfunction in these conditions, but we have many theories about possible contributing factors, including: • Lack of restful sleep • Abnormal skull blood volume or flow • Brain abnormalities • Premature aging of the brain • Mental distraction due to pain In FM, the brain fog is generally more important when the pain worsens. it can be made worse when you are anxious, in a hurry, or experiencing emotional overload. Depression, which is common in FM and CFS, is also associated with fibro-haze. Some studies, however, show that the severity of brain fog does not correlate with symptoms of depression. Many common FM and CFS medications can also contribute to brain fog. Fibro-haze brain symptoms: • Symptoms of mental confusion can range from mild to severe. • They often vary from day to day and not all patients have them. Symptoms include: Word Use and Memory: • Difficulty remembering familiar words, using incorrect words, slowly remembering names. Short-term memory problems: • Forgetfulness, inability to remember what you have read or heard. • Spatial disorientation: By not recognizing familiar surroundings, he easily gets lost, has trouble remembering where things are. Multitasking Difficulties: • Inability to pay attention to more than one thing, forgetting the original task when distracted. • Confusion and difficulty concentrating, problems processing information, easily distracted. Mathematical difficulties

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